Why Do Rich Men Lie to Women? - Here are the Top 10 Reasons

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If you are a suspicious woman, try to understand that the lies your rich boyfriend from rich dating sites, are not said with the intention to hurt you. Perhaps, try to understand that he did it mainly to make you happy. Try to ignore his little lies, rather than rack your brains about why he did it. Once you understand this, your relationship will be better.

Top Reasons Why Men Lie to Women

#1To Get Away with Stuff

Lies are not the exclusive labels of men, and many women often say lies to somebody for covering up things they cannot explain. So, most of the time, choosing to lie may be a better, safer way to do it.

#2 Just for fun

When it comes to the reason why men late, many rich men tell the truth. For example, "we were bored at work, so we went to the bar after work, so I was late!" - what's in there? But no; Men are boys and there's no point in saying that. In this case, many men will like to make up elaborate lies for their special people. After all, all their repressed creativity has to be expressed somewhere, right?

#3 Half-truths

Apparently, a man is not exactly lying, but he is not completely honest either. He would say the acceptable part of the truth, and then conveniently "forget" the unacceptable part; Like he might say he took a friend out on shopping, but he might just omit the part where his "friend" was actually his ex. Let's face it; If you're his girlfriend or wife, you at least frown at the idea. So, to make you happy, he stopped. You need to know, many rich men on dating sites are exactly handsome and wealthy, many young beautiful lady's dream men.

#4 To avoid work

Men lie to avoid chores or other tasks. For example, if you need him to pick up clothes on the way home from work, he might suddenly have a very important meeting. Or if he forgets to do it, he'll make up a story that he remembers, but he thinks you've done it. I know it's silly, but that's how the human mind works sometimes.

#5 Make you feel better

If you made the worst meal ever, you wouldn't want him to tell you to your face, would you? What's more, men are trained to tell women that food is good if they care about her. So, in this case, he's lying to you like "the food is great." You don't mind the lie, do you?

#6 To hide the truth

These are all lies you need to be aware of. Yes, all the lies men tell are not white lies. Some are things they say they want to hide from you.

#7 Lying is normal

Do not follow all of the above statements. It only applies to some men who think it's normal behavior. It's easy for some men to blurt out lies, and they're used to it. It's the best thing they can do because they don't value their relationship. If they are not in trouble, if lies help them achieve their goals, they may continue to lie.

#8 Don't understand a woman

This is a very common reason for men to lie because they're afraid women won't understand their stories. It's better for a man to lie and think he's safe than to deal with a woman's bad mood.

#9 Women May does not Cope with Bitter Truth

In order to avoid any unpleasant happenings at home, and out of fear that women would go through uncontrolled emotions on hearing a bitter truth, men prefer to hide the truth. They fear that the peace at home would go for a toss. And if his current relationship is already facing the heat, then the truth may worsen the relationship; to avoid this, a man would prefer to lie.

#10 To Impress a Woman

Many men exaggerate about themselves in order to put up a proud front before women. They feel that if a woman discovers a "truth", about them, they might lose a woman's attention. Men might continue to do so, until one fine day, when their lies are chanced upon.

Don't you think that, barring a few, these aren't that bad, after all? I mean, it is high time we open our minds a bit to the male psyche and see the honesty in all the lies.

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