Why do men get fewer replies from women on rich dating sites?

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When it comes to online dating, many men complain that they never get a response from an interested woman. Apparently, dudes get shut down left and right, and women get winked and emailed to death. If you've ever used an online rich people dating app you'll find that many men send winks, but few respond. As a woman, want to know why? Let us tell you!

Your photo is so weird

When we receive winks and emails, the first thing we do is to look at the man's profile picture. First of all, handsome or not is not the most important thing, at least to look normal. I've seen most men wearing strange hats, taking disgusting pictures from weird angles, taking pictures of ex-girlfriends without deleting themselves, and abusing small animals. Trust a normal person to see a picture like this and not feel the urge to respond.

Your opening line sucks!

We get these boring, boring emails all the time."Lady, you look beautiful. Would you like to go out with me?"Hey, girl, what's your tattoo?"What are you doing now? Want to come out for a drink?"Do you mind threesome fun if we get together?"Don't you think these opening lines are like a punk? We assume that you are not a serious relationship seeker at all, but rather hook up dating. Pick something specific from our profile and respond to it in an interesting, engaging way. The magic of dating!

You Supplicate Yourself.

People say that women care about how much a man makes, how tall he is, and how hot he is. Lies, we say, all lies. We have a huge psychological barrier to confidence. There's nothing more attractive than a confident man, and frankly, confidence is more easily communicated via email than in person, where body language can reveal you and your insecurities.

No Negging Allowed

What do you mean "mole"?It's a technique called "bar-hopping artists" that allows men to exert mystical power over women. According to this theory, if a man walked up to a woman and insulted her immediately, she would be pinched very softly by him. Besides being naturally stupid, it doesn't work, especially now, because now we all know what a mole is and, oh, we don't. Your email is long, but it doesn't have any text that appeals to us It's hard to know what the biggest email dating site crime is, but we have to believe that total boredom is probably the worst. Research how to date online, look at your email, for god's sake, it's all good to proofread, but we're all romantics at heart, and we're looking for a spark. If your email is like a schoolboy writing a composition, god, please read the online chat strategy, you are boring.

Slow down, man!

In the first email, we no longer need your phone number, personal email address, or chat ID. We need your shoe size, social security number, or many cavities. This will cause the prompt to be deleted. Because we receive more winks, emails, and stuff you have than men, in fact, we're looking for a reason to say no.

Show your knowledge

You have a Ph.D. and you are not afraid to use your polysyllabic vocabulary! You have multiple graduate degrees and feel the need to remind us of this fact! You are very cultured and know how to mention Godard in your opening letter! We want to date your heart, not your head. Show us and we may send you an email back. Just imagine!

Before you send winks or emails to a woman you are interested, you'd better read some best dating advice for online dating beginner. Make sure you have avoid all the mistakes that mentioned, have a good luck!

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