Why and why not give a second chance to EX?

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Many couples fall into depression, disappointment, sadness after breaking up, they can't recover from a relationship for a long time and start a new relationship on the internet. Any person does not know whether to forgive him or her. They don't know if they should give their exes a second chance, and today, let's take a look at that.

Is it a good idea to give yourself a second chance after breaking up?

First, the two had been calm for some time. A person can realize their mistakes and their partner's mistakes. They work hard to make themselves better and are willing to make changes for their partner to make their relationship last longer.

Secondly, by understanding these mistakes and dismantling all the bases for a considerable amount of time, the couple will be able to easily and quickly learn how to evaluate their conflicts from the outside, everything from above, all the problems and solve them more effectively, and with fewer casualties.

Third, people always know how to cherish after losing, whether it is a family, partner, friend. Therefore, people begin to value the relationship more after the lover becomes an ex and is given a second chance to repair the relationship. Therefore, a more accurate and pious attitude towards your partner, driven by rational thoughts rather than emotions or pride, will allow this rebuilt union to grow and develop.

So what kind of ex deserves a second chance?

As the saying goes," a leopard cannot change its spots."It is difficult to change one's nature, so it is impossible to change one's chance from the outside. If you find that "second chances" won't justify you sooner or later, think about what it should be like. Maybe you should end the relationship. If you're ready to start a new relationship online, try exclusive dating sites for people seeking real relationships who have the same purpose as you.

Here are some things you shouldn't give yourself a second chance:

Infidelity: your partner has cheated on you many times

Unhappiness: you don't like your relationship very much

Dishonesty: your partner often lies to you

Your partner's jealousy is pushing the envelope

Is your partner failing to learn how to treat you properly

When you try to mend your relationship on the second chance, the result is still frustrating. So three, four doesn't make any sense anymore. If your partner genuinely wants to be with you, they won't let you down and upset you over and over again.

So make the most of a second chance?

1. Don't talk until you calm down. Of course, after hearing about infidelity, a person can become angry and even aggressive. Therefore, in order not to say too much, it is best to avoid communication first.

2. Ask yourself if you would forgive him and go back with him. An important question you have to decide for yourself is whether you are ready to fully forgive your partner. After all, this is the only way to take your relationship to the next level.

3. Give yourself some freedom. Should I give him a second chance? Re-examine your broken relationships and give yourself some space. So it is much easier to assess the situation and consider what to do next.

4. Accept that you're both responsible. You must come to this conclusion naturally, not through words or attacks. If the couple doesn't realize that they need to work together to restore the relationship, it's not worth trying to build something new.

5. Start by cultivating friendships. It is naive to expect your relationship to go back to the past. So instead of going back to your old role, try to build a friendship that values trust and respect. Sarah Ryan believes the couple first need to reconnect as friends. Because knowing when and why they are no longer friends can help them understand when trust disappears in a relationship.

6. Don't be afraid to establish ground rules. It would not be redundant to establish borders that would help restore confidence. Should I give her a second chance? Unless she's ready to take responsibility. So a better approach is to reflect on what is causing the pain in your partner's behavior.

Give someone a second chance after cheating

Many psychologists believe that sometimes it is infidelity that helps save the relationship. Yes, I'm serious. So, in a relationship, there is often tension, and if you keep it to yourself, sooner or later it will lead to serious conflict.

Often, a woman cannot be a loving mother and mistress at the same time. Your female partner is not new to you, you know her, you've had sex with her before, and you want something new in your life. Therefore, in some cases, a person cannot satisfy all his desires precisely because of the mother of his children. He needed passion and novelty, so he started looking for a mistress. The basic idea is that if something doesn't fit a person, he starts looking...The same goes for cheating.

As it happens, the betrayal of one of their partners has led to a new development in their relationship: it allows you to look at what's going on between people in a different way, discovering important and previously overlooked aspects. Besides, people often discover something new about themselves after cheating and then bring it into a relationship. But only when the couple is ready to work for themselves and open up to each other can they talk about the positive consequences of this betrayal. However, you can lose everything, so don't be afraid to ask your partner if they're still interested in you.

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