How to Keep Your First-Time Online Chat Funny and Sustainable

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As a beginner online dater, when you first meet a potential partner you're interested in, you may not know what to do. Not sure what to say to get her attention, don't worry, this article is designed to keep your conversation with your partner interesting and ongoing.

1. Unwilling to initiate conversations because of low self-esteem, fear of rejection or other reasons.

2. A message has been sent, but there is no response from the user behind the screen.

3. He or she responds, but there's nothing better to talk about.

To become a chat expert, keeping the topic interesting and sustainable is the most important thing. Let's take a look at how you can do it.

Don't limit yourself to text chat

When you're in an online chat room, don't limit yourself to text chat. Make full use of chat tools to make sure your content is rich and varied. Only a dull person can stay the same. Since traditional dating has been gradually replaced by online dating, shouldn't your conversations with your date be changed? Take advantage of all kinds of chat tools, video chat, voice chat, virtual gifts, and memes to make your conversations more interesting and lasting.

Pay attention to what you write

Texting your future girlfriend is not the same as texting your best friend. Watch your language. Chatting with friends often don't pay attention to grammar, spelling mistakes, even dirty words, slang and Internet buzzwords. However, if you send a rude message to a girl you just met, they will think you are not trying to develop a serious relationship with them, but are just hook up. Once you do, you may never hear back from her. Mature, attractive men don't make girls feel that they only want to have a physical relationship with them, so be honest with your message from the beginning.

Ask her questions

Another common mistake men make online is to write a bunch of things about themselves, mistakenly believing that this is the right way to get a girl's attention and interest. You're pushing her away because when you ask them questions, they become more interested and passionate in the conversation.

Try this: Think of chatting online as a badminton game. It needs to exchange information back and forth. You ask her a question, she will answer you, then ask you a question, she will give you back the badminton. When you ask a girl a question, don't get too personal, because it will ruin your chances with the girl. Don't start by asking about the size of your bra. This will make the girl think you are disrespectful. Ask more questions about your life, hobbies, and work to make sure you find more common topics to talk about.

Be creative and get her involved

The worst thing you can do when you start chatting with a girl you meet online is to send "hi! Then sit there, twiddling your thumbs, waiting for her answer. Don't be surprised if she never texts back. The second worst thing you can do is express your love to her in the first message.

Try this: Break those random "hi! Start the conversation with a more personal message, such as asking about something she mentioned in her description, or writing about something interesting you saw in her photo (no, her breasts aren't a great example of "fun"). Speaking of breasts, don't tell a girl how "sexy", "sexy", or even "attractive" she is in your first message. You need to engage her and guess if you like her appearance. This is a stupid mental game that many women play online dating, so keep it up!

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