6 Online rich dating mistakes to Avoid

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It is good that you want to meet someone and decide to date online. But when you're using an online rich dating site or an app, don't make the following common online dating mistakes.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you read through the seemingly endless profiles of potential partners.

1. Don’t go crazy over the pictures.

Finding an appointment on the Internet can easily be disturbed by pictures. Many young girls look to find wealthy people on a wealthy dating site and marry them, so they are easily attracted to pictures of the luxury lifestyles uploaded by the rich. Therefore, I hope that you will not be crazy about their pictures when browsing other users' profiles.

If you want a real connection - the relationship with the person you want to love and who will love you-you must bring your most mature and understanding person to the project.

2. Evaluate the tone of the profile.

It's actually hard to evaluate a person's profile, and you can't judge the truth of his profile. Because you do not face to face communication, you can't tell if he is lying from his body language. You can't know what a person hiding behind the phone screen looks like.

Therefore, you can only rely on his chats and their profiles to determine if they are lying.

Look closely at the signs of boastfulness, irony or bitterness. In addition, dishonesty: people who once and for all claim to "absolutely love" his or her life are satisfied with "completely and completely" everything. These people claim to have joined the so-called dating site ("My friend suggested it, why don't I think?"). These actions suggest that this person may not be honest about his or her vulnerability or true motivation.

When you read the introduction, paying attention to the tone will help you discover qualities that are not recognized (we often don't even know we have them, unfortunately).

3. Don't be obsessed with the details.

Don't worry too much about the details: potential dating restaurants, bars, movies or books. On the contrary, please accept a wide description - does he live in the same city? Is she a reader? Does he look smart? Don't be consumed because the people there are completely in line with all your tastes and preferences.

4. Ignore claims about personality.

Ignore this person's clear claim to his or her character - for example, "I have a sense of humor for myself" or "I am an optimist."

People are very unreliable self-reporters.

It's not just because they lie (although this is a possibility), but because the way we look at ourselves is often irrelevant to the way others see us. Only external events will trigger our negative reactions, right? (We humans are expert self-justifiers.)

This does not mean anything. The only clear assertion worth noting is the facts - work, age, education, and location. When it comes to less tangible qualities, people are too biased.

On the other hand, it's worth paying attention to what is implied in a briefing - for example, a sense of humor that appears on the surface.

5. Don’t get attached based on a profile.

No matter how many experts you read, no matter how good the girl or man is with your dreams, you still have a lot of things that you can't collect at a coffee shop before you sit opposite him or her.

No matter how many pleasant victories he has, he is included in the lovely dedication of his 96-year-old grandmother. Think about her passion for hot dogs and minor league baseballs. Show that you have fantasized about the kind of cool, funny girl dating?

You learn more from one's attitude and manners - whether he makes eye contact with her, the tone of her speech, and the frequency of her smile. You also recognize the social details; that is, he asks you what kind of questions, whether to check her phone frequently, and so on.

So much important information is only disclosed in person. The goal should not be to find your perfect match but to reduce the likelihood to a reasonable amount and then meet those people IRL.

6. Don’t construct a fantasy after two dates.

Of course, you shouldn't be offline, but when you meet someone online, the temptation of fantasy may be even bigger. After all, in his profile, he claims to be looking for a serious relationship. What else do you need? A: A lot.

Sometimes we are tired of dating, we just want to finish it, and quickly move on to the next thing: relationship. But prematurely too attached is often the worst thing a budding connection can happen. It tends to suppress flirting or scare off your opponent. After a few days, no matter how perfect he or she looks, you will still know each other. Too much attachment indicates that you are casting a fantasy to another person.

When you find an ideal partner urgently, it may be a difficult thing. After all, knowing and understanding a person takes time and process. Even though you join a millionaire dating website that all members are verified.

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