5 Ways to make a rich man miss you

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Want an elite single man to crazy for you? You met him through dating sites for millionaires, and it's a long-distance relationship, so you may not see each other often. If you want him to keep his interest in you, you should make him miss you madly and be with you.

There are five basic ways to make him crazy for you. They work ridiculously well when it comes to tugging at his heartstrings and making him yours.

When separated from a loved one, nothing feels better than being told that someone we care about misses us.

Whether it's a separation 24 hours later or a long-distance relationship a few weeks later, it's a good thing for couples.Because, in the meantime, we each have our own private, can do more things. And each time we are apart, we can better examine whether the relationship can last longer.

So, here's how to make rich men miss you more and can't wait to meet you:

Be the kind of woman he'll miss

It is human instinct to seek benefits and avoid harms. People are willing to get close to happy things and stay away from sad things.

If, when he is with you, he is always smiling, he will be happy because of your happiness and will want to be with you. Get more happiness.

He is smiling, he enjoys your company, he is with you, he gets your praise, he feels happy with you, he wants more happiness.

Plus, if you're always around to talk about the little things you've done for him, he won't appreciate it and will want to stay away from you. Because, every time he tries to get close to you, the result is not so happy. If you have something negative to say, try to control yourself. Or at least spread them out so your man doesn't get a barrage of criticism every time you're together. Find constructive ways to raise the issues that are bothering you, and you'll be more likely to solve them than nagging him.

How to make him miss your secret? Be a great girlfriend and partner. Greet him with hugs and smiles. Make him feel special. What man doesn't?

1. Give him some space

It sounds trite, but it turns out that giving a man more space actually makes him want to be near you. Research shows that men need more privacy than women. Men and women are different, and you have to accept that.

If he makes it clear that he wants privacy, you have to give it to him. Because it's necessary for a millionaire, for an elite single man, for a businessman. They often need time alone to think about their careers. After all, love is not the whole of life for them. When you choose a good man, you have to accept that he can't be like your former boyfriend, always by your side.

When he is released from work, he will remember your forgiveness, appreciate your understanding, and miss you even more.

In addition, encourage him to go out with his brothers to play basketball or drink whiskey (sadly, studies show he prefers to be with his brothers than with you!). Even if he invites you, don't stay at his house every night. He needs to distance himself from you just as much as you do to feel closer to you.

2. Find yourself something to do

No matter how long you date, or even if you decide to marry a rich man, don't stay at his house every day.

A person's life is colorful, don't look at him all day silly, put on beautiful clothes and delicate makeup, about a good friend to go out for a trip. It makes him think you're independent.

The farther away you are from each other, the more room there is for you. If you've been apart for more than a few months and still have a lot to talk about and miss each other when you see each other again, the relationship will mature and lay the foundation for a healthy marriage.

3. Don't let him miss you

Look, men aren't stupid. We know when women subtly (or not so subtly) try to get our attention.

If, when you're apart, you're doing the following, that's not the way to make him miss you. However, it's a good way to annoy him or even push him away. This is a teenager. You're not 17. You can do better.

Tag his photos on Facebook, even when he's not around

Send him a Snapchat every 10 minutes to get his attention

Text his friends to see what they're doing

Sharing photos with other men on Instagram makes him a little jealous

The best way to make him miss you is...


Remember, when I say wait, I'm not talking about sitting quietly and doing nothing, waiting for a busy man to think of you in his spare time. You need love. Of course, you should find something meaningful to do for yourself, instead of sitting quietly waiting for him to send you a message.

4. Don't have sex too early

I know where you went wrong.

You don't control the pace of the relationship.

You didn't let him miss you.

You gave him everything you had from the beginning, and there was nothing to miss. Many women feel that just because a man really wants to stay with them, they should let him do it, and they should be available as often as he wants.

My advice, however, is to hit the brakes.

Give him some space. Make him want you a little bit because this space will allow you to get to know each other slowly, which will ultimately help build a solid and committed relationship.

I often see couples spending every waking moment together from the start. They soon had sex. And then within a few weeks, it fails, and nobody knows what happened.

I know what happened. They do things too fast, and suddenly the whole relationship burns like a flame.

On the other hand, controlling the speed at which things happen is entirely in your hands, which is definitely one of the secrets that make him miss you. Maybe in the first few weeks, you decide to see him only on weekends and never spend the night. Over time, you may end up spending the night at someone's house every few weeks.

This may happen more and more as you get closer, but be prepared to spend some time apart or go home after the date instead of going to your house.

When you say you want some space, or you want to give him some space, set boundaries early to avoid hurting his feelings. But you all benefit from it. I promise he'll miss you.

5. Keep the conversation mysterious

Now, when we watch a movie trailer, there's a reason we can't wait to see it. Because, of course, we know something about the movie, but we don't know the whole picture. We certainly don't know how it ends.

The same thing happens when you meet someone new for the first time. (this is especially true if you're using dating apps because for some reason you tend to interrogate every man before a first date to learn as much as you can about his life, career, and history!)

You don't need to tell him your top three accomplishments on the first date. Let's expand it out a little bit.

Make him want more.

It's easy to tell the whole story: love history, interesting family stories, why you love your job...I see. You're with this man and you want him to know everything about you and vice versa.

But over time, distributing this data helps keep relationships moving at a slow, steady pace and always gives you more to talk about.

When he believes you have more depth, when he knows he wants to see you again, he'll miss you. He will want to know more about that complicated person, and that's you, even if you only give him one gold nugget at a time.

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